Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Year, New Clean Undies!

Just wondering if anyone has experience with this: I had been wearing just one bra for 5 years. It was from Wal-Mart. I wore it everyday and I umm....didn't wash it enough. I had lost some weight since giving birth and the bra had become so saggy I don't think it was holding up my girls at all for probably the last three years which is not good for the fight against gravity. Below is the picture of my bra that needed some serious cleaning.

Going into the New Year I felt it was time for a lingerie update. I went to Belk's and purchased two bras, one from Spanx & the other by Wacoal. A sales associate measured me as I knew my size had changed after losing weight and I was able to find what was needed to lift & smooth. I also purchased 6 more drawers from Spanx. They are the thongs with the control top waist band. I love them as they keep my tummy snug and after you've had a baby, you really value that. I love the Spanx brand! It's worth the money as it lives up to the advertising. The Spanx bra is incredibly comfortable, especially if you have a larger cup size!

All of the above cost $238 and some change from Belk's, and it's going to get some serious use. I needed to protect my investment so I purchased a lingerie bag from Dollar General to clean my unmentionables in. I know it's a little bit more work to separate the lingerie and put into the lingerie bag to go through the washer but to have nice underwear last is worth it. Also, instead of washing my bras constantly in the machine, wearing down the fabric, I'm wearing them in the shower instead and cleaning them as if they were part of my body. I then take off the bra when I'm done in the shower and let it air dry of course. This is a great way to get the most use out of the workhorses of your wardrobe. Happy cleaning!


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