Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On hands and knees scrubbing. . .

Normally you would want to talk about what your business does, Not what it doesn't do but this can be important for potential clients information. So at Hubbard's Maid Service, no, we do not get down on our hands and knees and scrub floors. For some that is an expectation but as a house cleaning business with employees that is a liability issue. We do require knees to the ground when cleaning baseboards and in standard size bathrooms its simply a matter of efficiency for one to get down near the floor and hand wipe it clean but other than that our cleaners don't normally get down on their hands and knees.
Our methods for cleaning homes & offices is that which maximizes efficiency and keeps costs down but sometimes one needs more, the need is for each and every grout line in a tile floor to be scrubbed. On a regular work day this is not something that our cleaners address but with special requests and added time to the cost agreed upon upfront we do have technicians who are skilled and willing to do this special type of cleaning on occasion. I would have really loved to have one of them scrub my grout on the day that I needed it but usually the owner of the company is last in line to be serviced so I was on my own. That being said I was impressed with the grout & tile cleaner by TileLab that I picked up at Home Depot. The results were impressive after a light scrubbing with a brush designed specially for grout. I took my time and sprayed the tile down and then proceeded scrubbing, about 20 seconds per grout line. I would then wipe off the cleaner after 20-30 minutes with a towel and it would already be lightened and several hours later it was lighter still. I found the results to last 6 months in high traffic areas like the kitchen.
Our company mops floors but sometimes you need a method that "restores" a tile floor. My suggestion then is to call a carpet cleaning company or a tile & grout cleaning company that can actually penetrate the tile & grout with sanitizing steam and then have it resealed. I've spoke with professionals who state you should have your grout resealed once a year. This is a great alternative for someone who feels their tile floors are looking dated or tired. You may not need to replace them, you just may need to have them steam cleaned. I've seen some tile floors restored by a carpet cleaning company and they looked brand new after the job was done which was much more affordable than having the whole floor replaced.
But if you want to do-it-yourself hands and knees, I suggest the grout and tile cleaner from Home Depot OR you can call our office and see if we have a cleaning technician available who is willing to do it for an additional cost.