Thursday, May 18, 2017

Handy Hairspray

I've got beautiful sheets that were purchased from Kohl's. I don't think they are the highest thread count but they've become quite soft by alternating washing in fabric softener and then vinegar. The other day I saw an old ink stain on the fitted sheet. I applied hairspray and it came to the surface and rinsed off! I've heard you can do the same thing with hand sanitizer. The two products have the same ingredient, alcohol, so probably you could use vodka to remove ink stains as well!
The other great thing about hairspray that I've noticed is that you can use it as a setting spray for make-up if your in a pinch. Wouldn't recommend doing it all the time as it might cause irritation for sensitive or acne prone skin but I've used it like that before and it worked, keeping my make-up from melting through out the day and here in Savannah, Georgia, that can be an issue!