Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cleaning Out The Closet

I didn't take a "BEFORE" picture like I should have of my closet. It was not consciously intentional but subconsciously it probably was. I own a maid service & if anyone saw that master disaster my reputation might be at stake. It is a standard walk in closet and like a lot of people's closets it was a mess! Besides the bad lighting, inadequate iron shelving, and 8 year old ivory carpet that had turned, well brown, it was also being used as a catch all storage unit for stuff that I didn't know what to do with. I was depressed and my husband was even more depressed about our closet than I was. It did seem a bit extravagant to upgrade - I mean after all it's just a closet. Don't we need to spend money somewhere else like on a water heater, something practical???

Tell you what, it was worth every penny because it forced us to get rid of "stuff." My husband built shoe shelving that holds a certain amount of shoes and that's it. I had to choose what shoes I would keep and what shoes I would not keep and if I couldn't fit them on that shelf, I AIN'T BUYING anymore shoes or I would have to give away another pair and make way for the new. The closet has made us more organized which has reduced a great amount of stress & enhanced time management. Also, it is just beautiful to behold which I am beginning to realize that beauty is as necessary a commodity as say, a water heater.

Don't have a good "before" pic but you can see the yucky 8 year old carpet.
The closet kind of looked like this but unfortunately, not as nice, and you really had to see my junk to get the dramatic effect.

Husband's side, he installed LED lighting so you can actually SEE in there!
                                                Side of the closet - half is mine, half is his
                                            Shoe rack for me & drawers for storage for him
Notice the all wood hangers. Bought them at Walmart, I think they add a nice cohesive look to my wardrobe.