Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cleaning Garbage Disposals - Necessary Evil!

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This idea has been taken from our Hubbard's Maid Service Newsletter and as is probably relevant to practically everyone who has a garbage disposal in their sink!
Cleaning a dirty garbage disposal is not fun!

Ashley Hubbard, from Hubbard's Handyman & a plumber by trade suggests letting the disposal run longer than necessary just make sure the water is still running down the drain, that will help keep debris from clinging to the blades and sides of the disposal. To clean it you can take a long toothbrush with steel wool bristles and scrub all the crevices. Let the rubber stopper soak in a bowl of bleach and it will be brand new by the next day. You can also stick a citrus fruit down in there or vinegar ice cubes to freshen the disposal. But the best tip is prevention because cleaning that on a Friday afternoon, not fun. Also, in addition below, this garbage disposal cleaner has been found to be quite helpful as a source to keep the disposal fresh and clean.
These little pellets will help keep the garbage disposal residue from accumulating.

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