Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Cleaning Industry in Savannah, Georgia

So we just had a great movie out called "The Help" which is a story about maids in the South during the Civil Rights movement. Boy, how times have changed! Maid service is a much different profession now. Our Savannah cleaning service is a wonderful opportunity for women, especially women with families as we have professional hours and we pay our house cleaners on the upper end of the national average.
When we hire someone for our Savannah cleaning service we do an initial interview and take an inventory of the potential candidates work history. If we decide to proceed with hiring they immediately have to submit to a drug screen and background check. This is followed by an intensive five day training program with our training manager. The candidate learns to clean in a specific way that minimizes errors and time spent in a clients home. They also learn company procedures and ettiquette. We have a Pass/Fail system that also includes a written quiz. This assists in producing a knowledgable, informed maid.

Hubbard's Maid Service employees at a training session

By the way, the paying customers for the most part in "The Help" are not anything like our clients of today! We love our clients and we think their Awesome! Cleaning in Savannah is different today than cleaning in the south of yester years. Maid service is no longer looked upon as a less than favorable endeavor but a luxury item most people dream of having in our fast paced society. We treat our cleaning technicians with respect & so do our clients.

What is the special ingredient in this pie?
Cleaning is not an easy job. The cleaners work very hard to make sure their clientele is happy, especially in this down economy. Sometimes it is difficult to please everyone as cleaning can be very subjective and emotional. After all most of the work being done is in a person's home which can be nerve wrecking for both cleaner and client. It takes a great deal of skill, showmanship, and intelligence to be a successful cleaner in Savannah but it can also be very profitable for women looking for employment that won't conflict with spending time with their families.


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